Olympic Games Rio 2016
04 Sep 2016

Olympic Games Rio 2016

For more than a year I have been working closely with Lilian de Geus, Jacco Koops and other experts towards the final preparation of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

It has been amazing to see the enormous improvements that Lilian made in these 4 years and it blows my mind to see the amount of talent and dedication she puts into every training.
Unfortunately, Lilian just missed out with 1 point on a podium finish!

Finishing fourth is really though, especially knowing how hard she and everybody worked for it.
But I can only say that I am really proud of Lilian being such a great athlete and coming this far already. She is a true fighter and has a unique set of skills which will take her really far in the upcoming years!

I am already looking forward to her road to Tokio, where I know that she will be the one to watch out for!!